The goal of our organization is to work within a network that traps, spays/neuters and inoculates feral and stray cats. Also, because this is the number one Tourist town in the world many people who have brought their animals (dogs/cats) to Las Vegas can't afford to bring them back home with them, and now they have become our community's problem.

Still, other animals are sometimes turned loose in our unforgiving, excessively, hot desert, locked up in foreclosed homes and discovered in really poor health (if they are alive at all). And this is where the horror begins. These are just a few of the inhumane things that happen to animals in Las Vegas on a daily basis.

We Help Dogs Too!

Colucci's Animal Trappers & Savers, Inc.'s aka C.A.T.S., Inc. most important MISSION during this recession is to provide FREE animal food to those people in the Las Vegas community who are under served. We have no paid staff including ourselves or grants of any kind. It is strictly an act of kindness, love and dedication for ALL animals on the part of my wife and me. We donate as much if not more dog food than cat food to our community. We also donate animal food to rescues, shelters, & other animal related nonprofits, etc., a mom & pop animal food pantry, if you will, with this "PAY IT FORWARD OUTREACH ANIMAL FOOD DONATION PROGRAM".

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A Message from the President

I am closing in on eighty (80) years old and my "Pay it Forward" to the needy delivery truck is closing in on twenty. I am not sure how long my wife and I can hold out helping our community, yours and mine, before our age or one of our expiration dates catches up with one of us, and the noble one of a kind free animal food program ends forever.

How can you become a first responder?

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C.A.T.S., inc. would like to give a big Thank You to Rhiannon Gladney for selecting C.A.T.S., inc. as the Charity of the Month for You Lucky Puppy.

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Thank you Jimi Bowers and Brian Oney for your assistance in creating a video to get the word out that C.A.T.S Inc is in need of volunteers.

A special thank you to Johnny Kenehan for donating his time and talent to making us this video! Need a video for your website? If so then click here and look no further!

Project Homeless Connect Pet Services Area

News Segments!

Thank You 8 News Now for airing the story of C.A.T.S Inc on their new weekly series, Acts of Kindness, and for the generous donation!

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On May 16, 2013 C.A.T.S Inc was on ABC 13 Action News. Thank you for your support!

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News Letter

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Currently this is our most up to date news letter and we are in need of a volunteer to create them for us quarterly. Contact us if you are interested in helping.