Even a small nonprofit animal food pantry such as C.A.T.S., Inc. (the only one I know of in the county) could use passionate volunteers on 31 different assignments. Pick your positions, one task per day, from the list below ASAP please:

1. Fundraisers Staffing
2. Media, Promoting C.A.T.S., Inc
3. Graphics Designer/Signage
4. Design/Publish Newsletter
5. Design/Publish Event Flyers
6. Answer Emails/Texts
7. Bottle Water Donations
8. Computer Work
9. Accounting Services
10. Secretarial Services
11. Pro Bono Legal Services
12. Animal Food Storage
13. Picking up and Delivering Animal Food
14. Handyman/Lawn Maintenance
15. Begging for Animal Food
16. Inventory of Animal Food
17. Housekeeper
18. Soliciting Sponsors/Donators
19. Promoting Dinosaurs & Roses (NFP)
20. Mounthly Yard/Garage Sales
21. Aluminum Recycler
22. Events Coordinator
23. eBay Sales Coordinator
24. Selling T-shirts and Wristbands
25. Take Over Facebook/Instagram Account
26. Take Over Twitter/Linkedin
27. Take Over IGive/Go FundMe
28. Take Over GDI/CrowdFunding Account
29. Take Over Pinterest/Yelp Account
30. C.A.T.S. Inc./Smiths Rewards Program
31. Nominate C.A.T.S. Inc. @ KVVU TV Shining Star/Surprise Squad

Do not worry if you run over the #31 volunteer mark, there will always be #32 plus on the horizon and NoSho's!!! C.A.T.S., inc. "Animal Food Pantry" serves not only cats and dogs but their caretakers as well such as homeless people with animals, veterans, seniors on fixed incomes, senior facilities, rescues, shelters of all kinds, and more. You may contact Henry @ 702-456-3081 FAX/V.M.

Taxable Donations

Dry & Canned Cat/Dog Food
Cat/Dog Toys
Scratching Posts
Cat or Dog Carriers
Any Size Cat or Dog Beds
Traps & Cages
Kangen Water Purifier
Cat Litter & Litter Pans
Items for Raffles or Yard Sales
Gift Baskets
Craft Sale Items

All items are greatly appreciated

Checks or Money
orders can be made payable to C.A.T.S., Inc. and can be mailed to:

P.O.Box 12966
Las Vegas, NV 89112




Show your support by purchasing a C.A.T.S Inc. shirt.

Sizes inlcude Medium, Large, X-Large

$20.00 DONATION each PayPal Available @ catsinc@cox.net or send a $20.00 check to:

P.O. Box 12966 Las Vegas, NV 89112

Online Shopping and Searching

Join iGive.com to support C.A.T.S. Inc.. It's free, safe, and easy to join. Don't feel like registering? Take iSearchiGive.com out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search. Just visit http://www.iSearchiGive.com and type "C.A.T.S. Inc." in the "Select Your Cause" area. You shop and browse the web anyway so there is nothing to loose!

If you prefer you may also use Good Search, another wonderful program we are enrolled in that has the same benifits as iGive. Remember, every penny adds up and your support is greatly appreciated!

How We Help

Still another free service offered by Colucci's Animal Trappers & Savers, Inc. is our Pay It Forward FREE Animal Food Donation Program. We give out at least two truck loads of food every week. Any animal rescue organization, foster animal family, or person providing for animals other than their own pets can contact us for free animal food and or kitty litter. All that is required is that you send us an email with your request and how you help animals. You will then be put on a rotation list and as animal food, etc., becomes available you will be contacted. There is no charge for this service however donations are always appreciated. We don't just care for cats, we also provide for dogs or ANY animal that we have food for.

C.A.T.S. Inc License Plate


The Nevada State "License Plate Bill SB54" Has been passed. The 250 letters of Intent to purchase requests that were required before the license plates could be produced by the D.M.V. has been met, and as a result the Nevada State "License Plate Bill SB54" Has been passed. We send out a special THANKS! to JOAN BURTNETT who introduced the bill to legislature, and PAT CICCOLELLA the artist.

Now it is up to you and I to get the word out! and purchase these License plates to support "Spay and Neuture". I have been all over Las Vegas and Mesquite and barely scratched the surface. I have made educating the public along with promoting the sale of the "Spay and Neuture" license plates, My #1 priority.WON'T YOU HELP? Proceeds from the sale License Plates will go to Programs for the SPAYING/NEUTURING of animals, animal adoption and to programs that help with placement of "Homeless Animals" and toward Grants, non-profit organizations. To help carry out the above programs and demands. Money generated in each specfic County will stay in it's own County to help with programs and Spay/Neuturing in their neighborhoods.

For more info go to: http://nevadadmv.state.nv.us or contact me at catsinc@cox.net or phone me at 702-458-4721 or fax me at 702-456-3081.