The Forgotten Ones "Feral Cats"

At some point an abandoned domesticated cat and/or its offspring become feral. Each year, more than any other domesticated animal, abandoned cats suddenly find themselves in unfamiliar territory and struggle to survive the outdoors with the desert wild life and the elements of the changing desert climate/weather. Fights with other cats, dogs and wildlife often leave cats maimed or injured. Female cats also get into fights for territory. Young kittens are more capable of being socialized and successfully introduced to domestic life than feral adults.

The Difference Between Feral and Stray

"Feral" is not another word for "stray." "Stray cats" are domestic cats that have been abandoned or have wandered away from home and become lost, and may be skittish in your presence, but because stray cats once knew human companionship they can usually be re-socialized and placed in loving homes. "Feral cats" can rarely be socialized and are most content living outside. On the other hand, feral kittens up to 8 – 10 weeks of age can almost always be tamed and placed in loving homes. To tell the difference between a stray cat and a feral cat, observe the cat's appearance and behavior. A stray cat will often approach you, but usually will not get close enough for you touch it. When you put food down, a stray cat will likely eat right away. A feral cat is often on the defense when approached. It can be vocal, sometimes talking incessantly and may look disheveled.