Most of our adult lives we have spent helping and rescuing animals. Evenutally we took this passion a step further and on December 14, 1998 C.A.T.S Inc. was founded as a 501(c). Our organization feeds & waters 24/7 at various sites and colonies so that at least some of these cats will survive. ALL animals deserve to be cared for. If they are lucky enough to be in a colony that has a caretaker (such as us) to feed them and see to it that they are spayed or neutered, their life span may reach five years. The average life span of a feral cat is less than two years on its own, very few live longer.

This is why it is our goal to build our organization so that we as a group can assist other organizations plus individuals in the trapping, spaying/neutering and inoculating of feral and stray animals (mostly cats). Often pets are left behind, because their former owners move away, become sick etc. Unfortunately, it is common to hear that the easiest way out of the situation for the owners is to turn these animals loose. Suddely these innocent animals find themselves lost in a world so big! They struggle to survive because many have no survival skills. The ones that do survive, repopulate and the viscous cycle continues. In order for these innocent victims to survive, they have to overcome the desert heat, starvation, dehydration, predators, illness and curelty. And especially now with the foreclosures at an all time high, so are the animals they leave behind (mostly dogs) facing this same situation. We feel an animal you take into your home is now part of your family and you wouldn't leave a family member behind in an empty house with no shelter, food or water. But unfortunately this is what is happening here in Las Vegas at an alarming rate each week.

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