The goal of our organization is to work within a network that traps, spays/neuters and inoculates feral and stray cats. Many of the cats are pets left behind when their former owners move away.These cats are turned loose to fend for themselves and repopulate at an alarming rate. Should they survive, they will have to overcome the desert heat, starvation, dehydration and predators. Our organization feeds and waters these cats (24/7) at various sites so that at least some of these cats will survive and we C.A.T.S., Inc helps others do the same.

We Help Dogs Too!

Our mission may have started with helping feral and stray cats over the years, but now it has evolved to something bigger. After many generous donations of dog food we have begun distributing dog food to families who have fallen on hard times and can no longer afford to feed their dogs. And it doesn't stop there, we occationally receive other types of animal food so if you have ANY animal in need feel free to contact us to see what we have in stock.

A Message from the President

I am closing in on eighty (80) years old and my "Free Animal Food" to the needy delivery truck is closing in on twenty. I am not sure how long my wife and I can hold out helping our community, yours and mine, before our age or one of our expiration dates catches up with one of us, and the noble one of a kind free animal food program ends forever.

How can you become a first responder???

Easy enough, contact us at for our wish list and see what you can take on to shorten that list.

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News Segments!

Thank You 8 News Now for airing the story of C.A.T.S Inc on their new weekly series, Acts of Kindness, and for the generous donation!

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On May 16, 2013 C.A.T.S Inc was on ABC 13 Action News. Thank you for your support!

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A Message from the President

News Letters

Our fall news letter is available, click here to download.